Sunday, September 14, 2008

Arrivederci America, Ciao Italia!

I am sitting the airport right now, contemplating that I am on my way to Rome, Italy for Round 2 and I am pumped. Granted, currently there are problems with my visa/plane ticket and I am not guaranteed to be on the flight from Washington DC to Rome (yet), but I am still excited to go. Expect a detailed, well thought out post about the summer sometime soon (probably will write that on the plane ride) but for now, I want to pass my excitement on to you! So for the next week, I will try to post a new, free album to download every day. Not bad eh? We will see if I stay up to date on this, but with my first one, go to and download the album "Singalong." I am warning you, this is straight up Jesus music, so if that isnt your thing, you can skip it. But I am loving the fact that it is Phil, a guitar, and 2000 people singing along to songs that give God glory. My favorite is the one called "Beautiful." So check it out, enjoy, and stay with me for another year in Rome! And dont worry, if this music isnt your style, there will be something for everyone over the course of the next week.

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