Sunday, September 21, 2008


Sorry I didn't post last night, but here is my attempt at making up for it... PICTURES! Hooray! These are from my last couple weeks in the States and my arrival in bella Italia. Enjoy. And I posted these because the free music of the day is found at Andrew Osenga's website. Download Letters to the Editor Vol. 1 by clicking on the tab that says free, Letters to the Editor Vol. 2 by clicking HERE and look at the album notes on both because four or five of my pictures are featured!
My sweet STINT team at our first team dinner L to R: Ella, Sam, April, Jimmy, Kanda, Jenny, Brian, Kerry, Me
My nephew Brayden Kai... he is an all-star
My niece Peyton K'aloha, the toughest little two year old you will meet
Pure Romance says it all... was a cozy(?) I cut up to make an armband
Me and my friend Adam were jealous of the other couples... so we put our arms around each others waist. Not gay, comfortable in our masculinity.
Four generation of Men of the Sands Hotel represented here.
My niece Miriam

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Sarah Smith said...

your niece miriam looks like an adorable baby doll in your hands (which cover half her body!) Hope Italy is going well! Prayin for ya.