Monday, September 15, 2008

So Tired

I am so tired right now but I promised an album a day and I will deliver... First, we are here safe and sound in Roma. Jet lag is killing me right now but I am about to hit the couch so it is all ok. We had a crazy hectic day of settling into our apartment, trying to get details for the rest of the week figured out, and trying to stay awake so we can get on Rome time. I am excited to visit Bar Agostini in the morning for a cappucino and cornetto. I have discovered I am not a very patient fellow when I am tired and there are too many questions. Pray for me on that... back to the music.
Check out to check out The Autumn Film, "a 3-piece band fronted by charismatic lead singer Tifah Al-Attas. Formerly a five member band known as Tifah, the remaining three piece ensemble pushes the limits of drums, a guitar and a piano can do. Though led by the piano styling of Tifah, don’t expect Ben Folds or Andy Davis piano-pop here; expect something more like a female-fronted Snow Patrol or a Sigur Ros experimental mentality. Of course, all this with Al-Attas’s unique vocal styling. When I saw them live, the first question that popped into my mind was, “Where is all this sound coming from? Sounds like 10 people are on stage."

Expect for The Autumn Film to blow up sometime soon; endless touring, rumors of talks with high profile managers, and quality music speaks for itself. But you can be the first to say, “I liked them before they sold millions,” by downloading not one, but two free 4-song EP’s off their website. Just like any good story, the So Loved EP gives a look back at where they came from and the second gives a look into the future. The Grey EP Though often lyrically ambiguous, the songs reflect the bands commitment to beauty and honesty. is at times cathartic, at times hypnotic, and always fascinating." (this exerpt if from an article I wrote on them)


Kara said...

Saying that you've arrived "Safe & Sound" in Rome is more than a mere colloquialism, it's also a play on Tifah's (excuse me, The Autumn Film) album. Way to be clever even as you are fighting sleep depravation. Glad to hear you are back in Rome for round 2 :o)

Chris said...

Thanks Kara, I am good without even realizing it :) I didnt know I did that, but that is a great song.