Monday, August 25, 2008

Quick Hits

Sorry I haven't written in so long, but life has been crazy hectic. This isn't even a long post, just a series of things I think are worthwhile checking out. I promise I will write a substantial post later this week...and quick update on me and Italy, I am at 88% of what I need in monthly financial support and done with 1-Time support (Praise God!). I am done with my Day Camp job for the summer, spent 3 days in Colorado for training to go back, and think my new team is stinking sweet. On to the quick hits.

- Why Being "Indie" is a Bunch of Bunk - this is a great article; clever, true, and even a little challenging for those of us who desire to be counter-cultural. Great quote: "Indie
people express their independence from the mainstream by doing the single most mainstream thing possible: basing their identity on what they consume."
- 5 Traits of True Leadership - Quality stuff for whomever wants to lead, in any possible capacity.
- Gabriel Iglesias - Found this comic and think he is hilarious. Search him on YouTube... a little raw at times but not too bad. Hilarious voices.
- "It is I, don't be afraid" - Well written reflection on John 6 and I love it simply for this quote (which I will probably write more on later): "
It could be argued that Jesus is likely to wreak more havoc in our lives than any old storm could."

And of course, check out quality music on The Drop I am digging Brandon Heath, The Reign of Kindo and think the rest of it is still worth a listen. It is whole albums, streaming for you for free.

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