Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dave Barnes = new cd = sweetness

As you know, I like music and like to plug music on this blog every once in a while. Well, I just received an email from my old friend Dave Barnes and turns out the man is coming out with a new CD called Me, You and the World. For those of you who don't know Dave Barnes, head over to youtube and check out his hilarious Christmas Video and Valentines Day Video. OK, now that you have watched those and appreciate how hilarious the man can be, check out his music at his myspace account. He has a bit of blue, pop and whatever else thrown in. Actually, my favorites are off his CD Brother Bring the Sun. He writes great lyrics, is top notch live (and hilarious live), and I kind of want to have my first dance at my wedding to be to his song "On a Night Like This"... in fact, the whole album is great, with another standout track being Graces Amazing Hands.

So all this is to say that he is coming out with a new CD. You can buy one copy for $15 by clicking to this link and when you buy one, you get another free for a friend (and a making of DVD). Or you can buy a CD and T-shirt (still with an extra CD and DVD) by clicking to this link. So tell a friend. Enjoy. Just trying to help a solid musician out :)

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