Saturday, February 23, 2008

Free music... if you are online

I apologize, I did not do enough legwork this week and could not find free music to download to fit the "Free Music Friday" that I have been trying to get going on this blog. However, I am proud to hit you up with two links that you can listen to FULL ALBUMS... you just cant download them.

JEREMY CASELLA - I bought this CD earlier this year and have rarely heard an indi artist produce such a work of art (and I do not use that term lightly). He fuses folk, orchestra, percussion and even a little electronic to, in his words, "try to create a bit of beauty." I think he succeeds. So go to his website, and on the top right you will see the word RCVRY with a bar underneath it... click on the arrow to right of the bar. Be prepared for beauty. Though I highly recommend buying the whole album, some personal favorite songs are The Space Between Living and Dying (2) and Born Again (9, one of the most beautiful songs I have heard... period).

Jason Feller - Not gonna lie, dont own his CD but I used to listen to this album quite often off his website. The guy has got a cool voice, writes solid songs, and is married to a girl that is a stinking amazing singer (check her stuff out at So click on his name, when you get to his sight, click on Launch Album Player and enjoy.
Sara Bareilles - I couldnt leave you with nothing to download... so click on this, download the first (and only) song available to download. It is catchy, not entirely profound, but enjoyable and worth having as a free download. And who knows, you might like her a lot... (so right after I posted this, I got on iTunes and realized this song is the #2 song download, but this is the demo version... and to think I had discovered her on my own)

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