Monday, March 3, 2008

Stories and Songs

Self Portrait at the end of Facial Hair February... and yes, I am inside with sunglasses
I need to get some sleep but thought I would post real quick to give you an idea of what's been going on in my head lately. First off, I want to give you guys quick links to two blog posts from Portland Studios. Portland Studios is a business whos mission is "To create beauty through storytelling." I like that idea, I like their work... and now I enjoy these posts from their blog
What is Meant by Art is an insightful look into modern art... and it is short, so check it out, let me know what you think.
Beauty is the New Ugly is a post about... well Beauty, the rejection of beauty in the arts, and the affect on culture. It is a deep post, takes some time to digest yet is TOTALLY worth it and includes gems like "When we’re honest, we have to concede that the unfortunate are helped more by those with a sensitivity to Beauty and inclination to spread it, than by those with a heightened sensitivity to offense and an inclination to spread it."

These posts and life has got me thinking about life as a story. A story of failure and redemption. A story that is worth telling. YOUR life is a story worth telling. And I think mine is too. But it takes a storyteller to be able to hold an audience captive. It takes a Storyteller to be able to move me, to affect me, to teach me. I want to fill you in later this week on the story of my life this past week, of experience and failure and yes, even redemption. But that is later... hope you check back to read more.

And since I didn't post on Free Music Friday, here are the Alternate Routes. You can download two of their songs IF you have a myspace account. If you don't, sorry you can't download them but you can listen. I really dig Please Dont Let It. Shout out to Mikey who let me in on the Alternate Routes.

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