Sunday, February 10, 2008

Pure Entertainment

So for those of you who want me to post something more substantial... it will be coming in a day or two... or maybe even tonight. But this post is pure entertainment. So check out the links, listen to the music, enjoy the pictures and enjoy your Sunday. Much love to you all

- Check out Matt Pond PA at this link. I just heard this band and dig their sound. You can listen to basically the whole CD on their website (streaming), so check it out.
- These guys just posted their whole EP for free streaming on this website. This more I listen to it, the more I am impressed with their solid work, quality lyrics... and oh, did I mention I am friends with them? So check em out, listen to it, support their live shows, and buy their music when they come out with a full album.
I have watching this over and over again, and I am still laughing. Watch it... Charlie Bit Me
A good one from Relevant Magazine about "Christian Art"...let me know what you think
Cool blog about music... they have good recommendations (or so I think so far) and streaming songs to listen to...
I went to Spain for a conference for Agape a week and a half ago. We stopped in Sevilla for 3 days vacation before heading down to Nerja for fun in the sun, learning about what it means to follow Jesus and being refreshed, body and soul. Here is our trip in pictures.

At the top of a really big cathedral
We were a sweet biker gang... dont mess with us
My sweet team
Why lie, I wanna be a rockstar, and this is my pose
Our team and the Istanbul, Turkey team got to hang out together in Sevilla. They are sweet and my team is sweet, so Sevilla couldnt quite handle the combination.
Climbing in Piazza de Spagna (or whatever it is called... Amos is above me)

So I got pulled up on stage with some Flamenco dancers. It was exciting and yet totally embarrassing.
I got to hang out with Jesus one morning for a couple hours with this as my view.
These guys are called the Three Amigos and are in charge of Agape (Campus Crusade) in Western Europe. They are really encouraging and I feel privileged to work for them. And Javier (in red) sound like Dave Barnes (on his videos) when he speaks with his accent
Check out the straight of Gibraltar... I like this shot
Me and ATL Lauren in the caves in Gibraltar
We got to take a day trip to Gibraltar and the monkeys are friendly... so cool
Come on, you think it is funny too
That is Andy upside down and me with my hair in my eyes
Good sunset picture... or at least I think it is
What is a vacation without a cigar with friends

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Tyler said...

nice, chris. i'll check out yer links tomorrow, but now i need to study things like streptococcus pyogenes and vancomycin-resistant enterococci. Yum. Are there street-roaming monkeys in Italy?