Monday, February 4, 2008

Vatican Tour for my Bro

I made this video for my brothers second grade class... it is my personal tour of the Vatican... not professional, not well polished, but enjoy. And there will be a ton of pictures from Midyear Conference in Nerja, Spain, in the coming days. Much love.


Kim Haring said...

Hey Chris! This was an awesome video. Your Italian sounds great too.

Katie Plichta said...

what a great Vatican tour guide. those videos brought back memories (what an amazing place that is!) ciao ciao!

Sarah said...

So, I don't know how much you know about the vatican or what you learned while there but... Some cool things I remember from my art history course - the church and all those pillars that make a big arch...when you look down on them it's in the shape of a key hole - aka-the church is the "key" to God and being saved. And, that famous picture by Raphael, the school of Athens, the man in the green shirt that looks like he is sulking (on the ground in the front) is actually Michaelangelo. Raphael and michaelangelo didn't get along and raphael depicted him as a whiny, sulking man in his painting...haha. There was lots of heated debate and arguments for decades over the rennovation of the sistine chapel. As you could see it looks very bright and clean and cheery. Historians disagreed all across the board - some thought the dirty layer on the paintings came from years of smoke and other damaging particles in the air...other historians felt that it was done on purpous - it was common back then for artists to cover their paintings with a sort of light charcoal(literally) covering to "dampen" the tones of their paintings. Anyways, that's all I remember for now, I loved learning about Italy's art history and hope to go there someday to see it first hand!