Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fun in the Sun

I did this at the pool and my buddy Ben filmed it. Eric gets the credit for the quality throw. It is pretty funny, over 300,000 people have viewed this on this website (sometimes sketchy content there, so dont recommend checking it out there). I think it is hilarious because people are all fired up, calling the video everything from "Degree of Difficulty: Just plain lame" and many vulgar names I wont mention here to "REALLY AMAZING VIDEO,GREAT" (and those are actual quotes... once again, I wont mention the ones that question my sexuality or my personal favorite "Fatty caught a water ballon."). So hope you enjoy what my summer job is like!

Sick Backflip Catch - Watch more free videos

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Joel Hardman said...

Have you ever thought about being in the olympics? Seriously, you and I could get into synchronized diving. Question: how do you feel about wearing a speedo? Follow up question: how do you feel about seeing me in a speedo?