Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bullet Form Summer Update

- I am back in the States and working hard at support raising, currently at 55% and in need of a lot more... want to help out? Even 10 bucks a month is huge...
- I have gone to Orlando, FL and back for a Team Leader training with my super sweet ATL (Associate Team Leader) Jenny. It was an incredibly encouraging, practical time for me, and God used it to speak some truth into my life. One of my favorites was from a talk where the speaker Keith said that "The same God that delivered Daniel from the lions den was also the God that delivered him into the lions den." We praise God for one, not so much for the other... sometimes the most useful events in our spiritual life are also the most painful.
- I am working hard as a Day Camp Director with Upper Arlington Parks and Rec. Really what this means is that I am professional dodgeball player, with a specialty in doing flips of the diving board at the local pool.
- I just had a thank-you function at my house where I got to make Tirami-soup (I screwed up the Tiramisu) and hang out with a lot of people who supported me last year. I got to share a video (featured below) and answer questions. Good time had by all, I think.

- I am going to go to the Coldplay concert in Chicago tomorrow! I am stoked.
- I have been writing for a website called musiccityunsigned.com and also have been loving this website NoiseTrade.com. I highly recommend any of the music to my right and you can download it for free or really cheap (you choose the price)
- A fun video of ME and Sara (a 07-08 Teammate) speaking with the Italian student TV station can be found HERE. It is all in Italian, but still fun even if you can't understand.

Well, that is a brief "this is my life at this time"... hopefully I will post more soon. And oh yea, my buddy GV is a brilliant guy who wanted to be featured on this... so GV, thanks for encouraging me in walking closer with Jesus. I figure this means more than quoting one of your pithy "want to be featured on the blog" quotes :)

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