Sunday, March 9, 2008

New Niece! Let's Celebrate (with music, eh?)

Meet the newest member of the Rule Clan! Miriam Elizabeth Rule joins the fam! If you know Ben or Molly, be sure to send Ben a cigar or a nice bottle of wine or a hecka-lotta diapers and earplugs :) I don't know, just send them some love. My way of celebrating? Give you all free music... So go check out Peter Bradley Adams at his myspace account and download "gather up" but be sure to listen to "Los Angeles"... it is a gorgeous song. Also, check out Hem on their official page and scroll to the bottom for some freebees. After you do that, check out their myspace page and listen to the songs "The Part Where You Let Go", "Not California", and "Half Acre" for some more musical beauty. If you still dig their stuff, go to this website and download a full concert... does it get much better than this? Cheers. Pray for us, as the first spring breakers arrived today.

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