Saturday, March 29, 2008

Songs, Websites and Video

Hey all, I apologize for the lack of recent info on my life here, but life has been crazy and there hasn't been time. I promise I will have some substantial posts up soon. In the meantime, here are somethings I think you all could benefit from checking out.

In Defense of Loving Truth This is the latest post on my buddy Tylers blog. Tyler is one of the smartest kids I know and I only found out this year that he is a top notch writer. The latest post on his blog was profound, challenging, and the clip at the end left me speechless. Literally. I was blown away. So honestly, check this out. Please.

Free MUSIC! JJ Heller has a gorgeous voice, and I have been a fan for a year or two now. If you go to her myspace account found at , you can download the song "Love Me", which I am a fan of. Also recommend the songs "Only Love Remains" and "Grow" for some high quality music.

MOVIES to Come
So these are random bits about movies that I am excited about coming out... The obvious choices are the new Indiana Jones and Prince Caspian (Chronicles of Narnia) but I also found the trailers to these two movies lately:
Expelled - A movie documentary done by Ben Stein about the scientific communities reaction to questioning of Darwinian theory. In it he interviews heavyweights from both sides of the issue, including Richard Dawkins.
StepBrothers - I dont like every Will Ferrell movie... in fact I havent seen most of them. Watch this trailer though. I have probably 6 or 7 times and crack up each time.

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