Sunday, September 30, 2007


Me, Joel (wonderful photographer), Amos
Here are some pictures from last weekend's excursion to the Villa D'Este in Tivoli. I think this is where the cardinals used to live. Basically what it is is a ridiculously large house followed by an even more ridiculous garden with a bajillion fountains (a bajillion is scientific terms for more than ever needed but still really cool). I, being the ever adventurous (read into this: stupid) one, ran through one of them with Amos into a little cave behind it for a BC point. 'Twas lots of fun... check out Joel's website for even more pictures at

Running into the fountain

The ridiculously cool house, with paintings all over the walls
A picture I am proud of taking (the rose in focus, the couple holding hands out of focus... so sweet)
Me in front of the biggest fountain in the garden

Sweet view from a window in the house


Rich & Joyce said...

Fun to see your pics - second mama misses you very much! I am lying around after knee surgery yesterday - high on drugs! Mama Rule has been by to care for me along with Kalia & Kai - they are too cute.

Greg said...

"me in front of the big fountain" looks like some poor 6th grade kid whose mom said, "go stand in front of that fountain and smile like you mean it."

and then she ran across the street to take the picture., I mean, Hey Chris!