Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ciao Roma! We have arrived!

Ciao Roma! I have finally arrived in Rome, Italy and set up shop in our lovely… err… macho and crowded apartment. At the guys apartment (we are still apartment hunting for the girls and in the meantime, they are staying at another place), we have ALL the furniture. Meaning we have furniture for two apartments in a three bedroom apartment. We have no living room so the middle bedroom will serve that purpose.

It is so exciting to finally be where I feel God called me this year. I am jet-lagging (is that a verb? It is now) like crazy but still excited to call this place home for the next year. No Mom, it is not home home, but it is home for the next year or two. I will post pictures of the apartment soon, when it is all set up, but for now I will use my best journalistic technique to paint a picture of my room in your imagination. White walls, two beds, two tables as desks, and one wardrobe, with big doors that open onto a tiny balcony (not big enough put anything on).

I will be living with Amos Miguel, who is a goofy, hilarious and I am already excited to compare musical tastes with him and expand my musical palate. Matt and Joel have the other room. After a week or two, look for profiles of each of my wonderful teammates posted here. For now, enjoy the picture and get an idea of how much fun this year is going to be. My first prayer letter is now available to download on the link on your right.

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Kevin said...

Holllllla- Looks like things are going swell in Rome so far! I'm excited for a fellow adventurer who's breakin the mold and not just moving to chicago and workin 9-5. Live it up over there, spread the love, and be joyful my brother. Yall are in my prayers.

-kevin krease