Monday, September 17, 2007

The Apartment Tour

Here is my first video... a tour of the apartment. I was going to post pictures but I got sick of trying to format them on this... so this was done at 12:45 AM... hope you like it.


Isaac, Rachel, and Sam Wofford said...

Thanks for the video. We are the couple who just started going to Meadowbrook this year and whose son constantly says "Go play?" during the service. I do blogging too, and I can commiserate about the pain of doing so. We'll be checking for updates and praying for you.

Kev and Heath and Spruill gang said...

I hope you warned your roommates ahead of time about your housekeeping disasters in your room! Or maybe Rome will teach you to come home a changed man with fresh ideas on a clean room :-) Kai asked to go play with Uncle Chris today! You're missed already but we can't wait to hear and see what God does in Rome over the next year!! Love ya tons!