Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Musical Interlude

I love music. Music is how I relax, chill, calm, often connect with God, and fall in love (well, with songs anyway). So here, as a musical interlude to normal blog posting, are a few artists that you should check out. Click on the artist name and it will, take you to a page where you can listen to their music.

Bosc - lead singer is an all-star, a genuinely great guy that is friends with my bro
Matthew Perryman Jones - love his stuff, just bought his cd
Gregory Alan Isakov - read an article about him that had the quote "For him, life is about falling in love with the world as many times as possible." I dont know if I agree, but I think thats an interesting thought.
Emily DeLoach - very cool voice, should be more popular than she is
Dave Barnes - not only does he make great music, he is hilarious live. Check out his videos on youtube by searching THEdavebarnes
The Almost - a little more rocking than normal, check out Say This Sooner and Amazing Because It Is
Over the Rhine - Karen Berquist has one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard. Check out their website at and read Linford's writings... I want to be able to write like him

Well, this musical interlude will probably happen every so often, hope you find some music you like. I will get back to Rome on the next post. Thanks for checking out my blog. Much Love to you all.


Lindsey said...

Thanks for the little musical interlude. I do love your taste in music.

Have you met Ana e Daniele? They are really great...I miss them! I hope you are well and loving Roma. :)

Amy said...

Hey Chris, sounds like you're doing well! I really liked a lot of the music you might like a friend of mine, Kyle Scott. He only has a few songs up right now but he should be adding more. He is a very talented yet humble writer and singer and I just thought it might fit with your style! He just got back from serving the poor in Calcutta, India for several months...

Bryant said...

Just read the whole blog bro. I'm getting ready to write an email, and I think I'll send it to the address listed earlier in the blog. Let me know if I have to resend it to a different one, or if that will work.