Sunday, May 25, 2008


If you havent seen the new Indiana Jones, stop reading now and skip to the bold type for free music............... ok the movie was alright but the ending... aliens? Really? I blame George Lucas. I mean... aliens? Aliens? Not a fan of that move.

I will post a little later pictures from our final party, because I leave here in a week. We had a big festa per dire ciao a tutti nostri amici. It was a goodbye party, a good time had by all, and kind of sad to say goodbye to many. I pray God continues to work in their hearts even when I am gone.

Free Music (Saturday, I know)
It is truly an honor to give away free music by The Autumn Film (formerly known as Tifah). They are giving away their new EP, The Gray EP, for free and I cannot say just how much I support this band and what they do. Ridiculously talented, brilliant live show, they have a violinist who loops her violin and that is just freaking sweet and their lead singer can sing. Usually I dont prefer girl lead singers but she is freaking sweet. So check it out, support them.

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ACenci said...

Totally agree on the Indiana Jones thing!