Tuesday, May 27, 2008

More coming soon, I promise

Some quality links to check out today:
Two videos: OneRepublic - I kind of like their music and this music video makes me like them all the more. They cover Duffy - Mercy (a sweet, get up and move kind of song) and the dude from OneRepublic shows off some killer vocals and they do it justice.
- Matthew Perryman Jones - This dude continues to amaze me and I just found out his new CD is coming out in August and I am pumped. Check out this video of him singing Motherless Child, an old spiritual, and catching the longing, the weariness, and the all out rock found in this song. I love it. You should too.
Brilliant Website of Music: This is a great website called Music City Unsigned I just found and love it. Serious, click on the link and then click on Episodes and then Matthew, Peter and Katie. Not only is this episode great music, but the other artists featured at other times are quality and the music player lets you just play through a solid playlist of people you have probably never heard of but should have.

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J Adams said...

Love the music. That cover of Mercy was real good. I think he was reading the lyrics off a blackberry