Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Random Call

One, Amazing Grace is an incredible song and an incredible movie. I watched it AGAIN tonight and if you have not seen this movie, it is powerful, moving, TRUE, and there is terrific acting in it as well. Get it, watch it.

I am stealing this story (below) from the monthly newsletter published by Agape Europe. But it is incredible to me... God is at work in this world. In that vein, I also had an amazing conversation about John 13-17 today with my friend Jody. He might be a believer and the conversation was a clear sign of growth, as we read and discuss John together and seek to learn together more about what it means to follow Jesus. Thanks Mr. A for always making me go back to scripture to prove my points; today me and Jody continually had to put our "I think..." on the table and go back and see what Jesus said. Good lesson to be learning.

A Random Call

by Bill S

A few months ago, ministry leaders in one Eastern European city were kicked out of the country. Authorities told remaining New Life staff and students that if they explained the gospel in student housing, they would be sent to jail. A student named Dima had just learned to share his faith, and wondered how to put this newfound knowledge into practice. Suddenly his telephone rang.

"Uh, hello, you don’t know me. . . . I just randomly dialed a number because I’m desperate. . . . I was hoping to find someone who would listen to me. … I am a student at the university. I don’t know why I should keep living. . . . Can you help me?”
At first Dima didn’t know what to say, but then he remembered what he had just learned, so he shared the Four Spiritual Laws with Helen over the phone. She prayed and received Christ into her life!

The next day the phone rang again, “Hello? I am a friend of Helen’s. Would you tell me the same thing you told her? Ever since she talked to you, she’s changed. She is so happy now!” So Dima shared the gospel with Alex, too. Alex wasn’t ready to invite Christ into his life, but said, “I will seriously consider what you’ve told me.”

A few days later the phone rang again, but this time Dima heard a deep, mature voice. “Hello, I am Helen’s father.” A shiver ran up Dima’s spine.

“I understand from my daughter that you are a believer. Can you help me know God, too? I have a Bible, but I don’t know where to start. And is there a good church we could go to there? We would be glad to travel.” “Sure," said Dima. "I can help you find a church and tell you about God.” So the family came to the capital to meet Dima; they now stay in weekly contact.

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Jeremy A said...

i almost just cried reading that...except i was in a room with four marines...shame on me. that is an amazing story of the Spiritu Sancte