Thursday, November 22, 2007

Links... seriously you need to check this out....

Here are some links you need to check out... seriously... I dont do links often, so when I do, you know I love them....

Lifehouse - Everything skit
I am not an emotional guy. I am sure some of you have seen this movie... a group performed this on campus on Wednesday and I broke down crying. And I had seen it before. Check it out. Seriously.

Andrew Peterson - Holy is the Lord
I love Andrew Peterson and this video is not an official AP music video but does a great job with the song. Yet another thing that almost brought me to tears the first time I watched it.

Between Hating and Forgiving
This link is only two paragraphs... you need to read this. It hit me like a ton of bricks.

Settling on this Side of Jordan
Challenging... I thought it was very well written.
"I know this isn’t necessarily what the movie is about, but in this moment Ratatouille reminded of what the best art can do in us – art done with devotion, care, and great love. It restores us and reminds us of the promise of a more beautiful time, both a time passed and a time to come. It names us and gives us back to ourselves. It makes us children again in that it makes us feel wonder. It awakens the possibility of love, redemption, forgiveness, and rebirth."

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Lynn said...

Amen to the quote about art.
Recently I was told that the experience of art is often a mere emotional escape--thank you for more accurate and inspiring words...I wish I took the time to reflect and pen my own words to describe the heart of what I say I "study" in college.

I looked at all the links...after playing the role of the girl who interacts with Jesus in the Everything skit, I was deeply changed. I wish I could post that video from fall retreat, but it was not preserved. I hope you keep returning to the core of that song.

I first heard the Andrew Peterson song from the cd you gave me awhile back but I never connected it in such a literal way to the Bible story...I feel a little slow but am glad I better understand the layers of intensity behind the lyrics.

Don't stop letting Him stretch you, Chris. I am thankful I was able to read what you have to share. Happy Thanksgiving