Thursday, November 29, 2007

Happy Slapsgiving (err.... Thanksgiving)

Slapsgiving is a reference to How I Met Your Mother... not always appropriate but HILARIOUS show... to see Slapsgiving, click here. Now that that was completely irrelevant, here are some pictures from our Thanksgiving with students. Picture this... two days of preparation. 2 turkeys, 10 homemade pies, 35 kilos of mashed potatoes, 12 cans of green beans cooked into green bean casserole, 12 cans of corn, sweet potatoes, stuffing, cranberries, jello, sweet carrots, rolls and hand turkeys for all. Cram 55 people into an apartment meant for 3 girls, have students bring the drinks and you will get a lot of wine (have to be careful about doling that out slowly) and you will get one interesting party. Because Italian's haven't celebrated Thanksgiving before. Or at least most of them haven't. It was fun, busy, exciting, exhausting and well worth it. We got to share the gospel, I got to juggle (true story, I am friends with Giovanni who is a sweet juggler and is trying to teach me). So enjoy these pics, more fun stories coming later.
The feasting table
Bryan (US staff) and other italian buddies
Me and my good friend David
Taking pictures of Matt doing the honor of cutting the turkey

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