Monday, November 12, 2007

Life Isn't Always Peaches and Cream

Once again, I am convinced I have the cutest nieces ever (this is Peyton and Kalia)

I hesitate to write this post (but isnt that picture great) but I figure it is honest and I hope it can be encouraging to someone... if not, well you have simply got to look a little more into the life of Chris Rule than you ever expected.

Today was a rough day, not exactly the kind of day I love having on campus. English Club was kind of typical, with only four or five people showing up. Pray for me and Kanda as we try to figure out where God want's us to take this thing and what to do to try to attract more people. I did, however, get to hang out at English Club with David, a buddy of mine who is cool as all get out and an atheist. I think today I felt for the first time pain at how someone was thinking... I think, when discussing free will, he said "If I choose hell and this separation from God, God has to respect it." Man, that breaks my heart. So pray that God will break through to David's heart because that is the only way it will change.

The reason that the day was tough (besides the mild EC discouragement) was that I went to Citta Universitaria (another campus of La Sapienza) and got there (alone) and simply froze. I sat on a bench for 20 minutes and prayed and was freaked out. I dont know what it was, if it was a lack of trust in God or what but I was freaking out and not wanting to talk to students. I eventually worked up the nerve, tried a couple conversations and got shot down so I left.

But here is where the story gets a little more encouraging. I got off my bus stop and decided to swing by Villa Mira Fiori (the first campus I was at today) and look around, if for nothing else, to make myself feel better for tucking tail and running from Citta. I got there and was trying to figure out the professors schedules that they had posted when I heard, "Ciao, Chris." I turned and saw Eugenio, a guy I met last week. I ended up talking to him and three of his French friends for a while before leaving (he helped me figure out the schedules too). So, once again, despite my cowardice, God managed to have the last conversation of the day be one that encouraged me. I know it doesn't really communicate by simply typing this, but this was huge for me. I was discouraged... yet God shows up. I dont know why He doesnt give up on me, but I guess he still has a plan for me. This is encouraging.

So keep praying (especially for guys like David, or Andrea and Juan, or Ilaria (girl) and Adriano). Pray that I learn to be strong and courageous because God is with me (like my nephew Brayden Kai... don't you wish you were friends with him?) Much Love


stina said...

hey buddy.
i'm really really proud of you!!! these posts are seriously encouraging and like water to my thirsty heart when i think about how much i would love to be there with you, and just know its not God's timing right now. but i'm definitely praying and love hearing about both the good times and the hard.
i am excited to hear more about you being FULLY alive as you seek after Christ, especially in moments where you freeze or your heart hurts for lost people.
way to go on the creative writing as well...i really like it- how bout you consider writing a book about this year? i'll buy it! i'll even write the forward! :) thanks for your faith, your passion, and sharing it all with us!
missin' ya on the homefront...

Lindsey said...

First, your nieces and nephews are absolutely adorable.
Secondly, I'll be sending you an e-mail soon to comment about your blog posts. I just have too much to say and not enough time or room to respond on a little "blog comment." So you'll have to wait a couple of days (I know, pins and needles, right?!)
Third, I don't get a chance to read your posts all the time, but I really love to catch up on your posts every once in a while (like I did tonight). So keep writing, because I really like them!

Tyler said...

Hi Chris

Thanks for sharing this...I just wanted to encourage you in that doing Go's work is not always the easiest or even sometimes the most enjoyable thing to do. Often times we are challenged and wonder if we have made some sort of mistake somewhere or even if we are cut out for it altogether.

I've wondered whether John the Baptist felt the same way. I am sure sometimes he was ignored as just another deranged man who claimed he saw what could not be seen, and spent his life shouting into the darkness. I think that's why he asked those questions in Matthew ch. 11. They are the same questions who have been repeated by all the great heroes of our cloud of witnesses:

"Have I done well? Have I persevered? Have I carried the cross? Have I run the race? Have I pressed on? Have I hoped for what is not seen?"

But God always answered.

Read Matt 25:23
and Matt 11:6.



Stephanie said...

Chris, I wanted to write and tell you not to get discouraged. I feel that just by making the commitment to be in Rome you are accomplishing more for Christ than many christians do in their entire lives! It is never easy reaching out to those you know will most likely reject you. However, you realized the most important thing at the end of this blog, God is always there for you! Please continue to seek His guidance and will for your time in Rome. Chip and I continue to keep you in our daily prayers. We are so proud to have a friend like you who is willing to sacrifice so much to further the Kingdom! We love you very much!