Thursday, January 3, 2008

Riots in Rome... sort of

My million dollar car in Rome... Ferrari Enzo... it was cool

Freakiest Picture... But so Cool
Ok did you check out that picture? How terrifying is that?

Let me tell you though, while you recover about my recent riot experience. It started out innocently enough. We stepped off the subway and walked to Piazza del Popolo, only to discover smoke and people throwing lots of stuff. I kept jumping at the explosions, wondering what the heck was going on. Rather than have my ear drums explode (they were already ringing), we sprinted across the Piazza and moved down Via del Corso to Piazza Venezia. Mini explosions and smoke was present as we walked to Venezia but we arrived unscathed. We moved towards a stage set up on one end and were soon caught in the crowd. After being pushed and shoved and having to do a fair bit of shoving back, we changed directions and made it out. Well, 4 of us made it out. The rest were no where to be found and the explosions and smoke were intensifying. We made it to a relatively calm part of the Piazza (no one shoving at least) but seemingly on cue, everyone began yelling and explosions rocked the night. Some were close enough that we felt the air rush across out chest, others exploding in the distance in the sky, smoke drifting across the night. People began to throw bottles a little later but by now, we were swept up in the riot... celebration. HAPPY NEW YEAR, ROMA ITALIA. This was no riot, just ushering in the New Year in Rome, trying to dodge fireworks (my ears really were ringing and we really could feel the air rush by for some of them) and champaign bottles being tossed. What fun, eh? Happy New Year to you all. I am headed to Turkey tomorrow morning so I will post after that trip. And you think I am exaggerating? Check out this video I made with me and Adam, Matt Reis's little brother.



Judy said...

Looks like little boys playing war! Thanks for the fun video.

Jeremy A said...

wow, has Adam considered a career in the military?

Kevin said...

You're stinkin hilarious. You had me with this post. I was thinking through it "oh my gosh, what the heck is Crusade thinkin, warzone??? These ppl could get hurt!" hahahahahha. New Years, geeeez.

Also, the video, awwwwwwesome.

boobs said...

very nice, my friend. i wish i could have been there for the riot. i just got updated on your last page of posts, so i feel that i have some sense of what's going on with you in roma. thanks for letting everyone in on your world. a few freshman from my b-study are going to join you over spring break! crazy. miss you bro. wish i would have known about the underground pipe storage...