Saturday, December 22, 2007

My Gift to You... Pictures

Here is my Christmas present to you... pictures of me. Enjoy. More will probably come soon. Merry Christmas!
The lady who took this was old... and didnt know how to operate a camera... hence the great pic. But it captures me and Juan and Andrea (in Santa suit), two of my best Italian friends here. Andrea is hilarious... was running around most of the day in the Santa suit. Hilarious.
Yes, I really am in Rome, not just sitting in my basement sending out letters and writing fake blogs.
Alan read the Christmas story at the staff party... it was great.
Joel probably got better pictures at the staff party, with his fancy camera
But the kids loved me (look at the love in their faces :)
Our friend Ana cooked us the biggest meal I have ever eaten (with maybe the exception of Christmas/Thanksgiving feasts). It was incredible, good Peruvian food.
With a number of courses... it was good and Matt was my model for the pics (and he didnt eat that whole thing)
Every shop in Rome has Christmas stuff in the windows. This was quite impressive


Kimberly said...

Great pictures! Merry Christmas Chris!! Miss yoU!!

Sharon said...

How blessed are we to get pictures of you for Christmas! Haha:) Your hair is so long! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

Sarah said...

I was going to say wow! you're hair is getting long! But somebody beat me to it :) Hope you had a Great Christmas!