Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day

President Obama, I applaud this article. Thanks for not only being a politician but also being a person, for being a father. Happy Fathers Day to all those fathers out there who had the guts to stick around, to love their kids, to raise them well. Dad, you are top notch. I love you. Thanks for being not only physically present but always emotionally present. Thanks for teaching me about Jesus. Thanks for caring about what I am doing and for constantly praying for me.

I havent done this in a long time. So FREE MUSIC FOR YOU. I used to do something called Free Music Friday and I have just gotten swampted. But the return is a free live album, courtesy of our British friends COLDPLAY! Just click on the link, go to their website, and click on Free Download Left Right Left Right (the name of the free live album). It is good stuff.

And to make up to you the fact that I havent written sooner, here is another free download! This one is an album from a band called The Damnwells. I dig their sound and it is FREE so what do you have to lose?

As for me, more will be written about changes, about wrapping up The Italian Grande Adventure TOMORROW. So check back soon!

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