Thursday, February 19, 2009


Short and sweet... Agape Italia does a summer trip to Malawi. This trip is for Christian's and non-Christians, is a sweet way to show God's love to those in Malawi by building a school/well/latrines. One of the guys on staff here, Haswell, is from Malawi and his heart for his homeland is a beautiful thing. Check it out... it is in Italian, but it still looks cool, even if you can't read Italian :)



Matt said...

Man you have been traveling a heck of a lot lately! Glad you got to hang with my folks a few weeks ago; it made me miss all y'all. Sweet photography a couple entries ago... Also sounds like that was a killer worship service. We gotta catch up soon bro.

Joel Hardman said...

even if you can't read Italian, you can switch it to English! the best of both worlds!