Thursday, January 15, 2009

London Bridges and Skating Rinks

Yes, a picture update is easier (initially) than words. Hopefully I will throw up a few words here before the day is over, but this is my life since Christmas. I have already spent nights in 4 different cities, 2 countries, traveled by plain, train, tram, automobile, bus, taxi, car, metro... my life is crazy. It began by going to Florence on Dec. 30 to visit my buddy Drew and he had 4 guys from Caserta staying at his place. So I was basically the only one not fluent in Italian.
Can you find the American?
New Years was welcomed running through the streets of Florence... literally...
With these guys... Magdi and Bruno
I then left on Jan. 2 for England, for a Fireseeds Conference (Agape UK) with my buddy Danilo (pictured below), who is a student here at La Sapienza. It was a 3 day conference in Nottingham England and was full of good talks, challenges, British food, and time to reflect on the direction that life is taking us and how we can serve God best with our lives.

Bluetree, a fantastic band, played at Fireseeds. And they rocked out, praised Jesus, and had a good time. Oh yea, these are the guys who wrote the song God of this City. If you havent heard it, listen to it HERE. And their version is better than Chris Tomlins cover.
Two Brits, an Italian, an American and a Scotsman got together for some soccer. They called the magical team International Stew... and lost quite badly.
For all those Harry Potter fans out there... I couldnt resist.
English brews with Fish and Chips... I was a happy man.
Me, Danilo and Big Ben

This lion reminded me of Aslan... in Trafalgar Square.
Up in the London Eye
We met up with my buddy Giovanni the juggler and hung out in London with him... and had great Chinese food
We saw Les Mis (pictured below) and it was fantastic... truly fantastic
London Bridge was not falling down but this bus almost ran me over.
After our adventures in England, I returned back to Rome, to work, and to a weekend where my beautiful girlfriend came to visit. So we went ice skating and invited a bunch of friends to come along. Claudio joined in for the fun, as did about 8 other italian friends and 6 or so Americans.


Ella said...

Chris.. you're such a great blogger. I continue to be amazed at your skills, brother! :) I love all your pictures and reflections on life in Roma.. especially that one of you & the trolley at Platform 9 & 3/4.. lol awww. :) Good work & thanks for your always-sweet posts!

Sara Neumann said...

Such an interesting post. I like all the pictures.