Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Vacation: In Photo's

For these pictures to make sense, you probably need to scroll to the bottom of this post, then scroll up. Otherwise you are beginning at the end... but suit yourself. Enjoy a taste of my crazy Christmas break so far :)
I skied the World Cup downhill course!
Exhausted after their 6th straight day of skiing, my second
Jimmy was trying to do a 180 on a tow rope... it didnt work :)

They were holding World Cup races that week in Val Gardena

The skiing crew that day
Yes, I was really there, in Val Gardena
The view from my apartment window!
I met and shared a beer with a guy named Finn, who makes pipes and writes songs
After 3.5 days in Salerno, I said goodbye to Amanda and headed north to Bolzano
Catching the rocking band The Cellar,fronted by GianLuca
I surprised Amanda by coming to Salerno a day early and cooking her dinner.
We skyped with Miami Crusade at 3 AM
The week before we got off break, there was a leaders conference in Rome. Amanda was here :)

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Tyler said...

Oh man, that guy named Finn, sporting a huge mustache and a cool hat, making pipes and writing songs in the mountains....sounds like the life.

PS Merry Christmas good sir.