Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Venice by Photo

Two weekends ago I went to Venice... this is my journey in pictures. To truly see it time-wise, start at the bottom and scroll to this picture a the top

I am thankful for the pic... and that I didnt fall in...
I had to step out onto this thing... what fun, eh?
I love the Roma STINT Team
Enjoying cappucino along the Grand Canal... capuccino but nothing to eat
Check out the moon over the Grand Canal
My team showing their back...err...better side

The dudes I get to live with in Roma
My own private concert... until I was kicked out
Oh yea, that is my team in the crazy boots... L-to-R Kanda, Sam, Ella, Jenny, Brian, Kerry, Giacomo, April
Flooded but beautiful
Me and Giacomo Campobello in flooded Piazza di San Marco
Can you find Jenny, Kerry, Sam, Jimmy, Brian and April? And the crazy people in yellow boots?
Notice how the water is over the banks?
The girls, looking sweet as ever
Waking up is hard to do... unless you are on a sweet boat in flooded Venice (Venezia)
To start, we all piled into this 9 passenger van with Giacomo as driver


Steve Ballmer said...

I love Venice too!
very nice blogging here people!

Lola said...

very good!!!

Amos said...

Yes venice yes! I wish I was at that free concert with you. Miss you, man!