Thursday, April 3, 2008

March Madness

For starters, check out this video about Rome and the vision of Agape Italia. Amos M made it and did a pretty good job in the limited amount of time and it should give you a solid idea of whats going on here.

Cool story: Today I showed up at Conversations in English (English Club) expecting the normal 5 or so students and there were 20+ people who came! Turns out a cultural group on campus had received one of our flyers, thought it was cool, and so a guy named Mario (nice guy, just met today) sent an email out to their list-serve about us. It was so encouraging, we even got interviewed by the local student TV station, and hopefully this partnership of sorts will go somewhere and God can use it to spread his Gospel even more. PRAISE HIM

I am often asked from people, "Chris, your blog is OK but I would like to hear more about what you actually do there." Well, ladies and gentlemen, I'm a people person, I have people skills, cant you see this!! (Office Space anyone?) The reason I don't always post about what I do here is because a lot of the time it looks the same, just insert different names into similar conversations. BUT for your sake, I will tell you what a normal schedule is like:

Monday: Planning 9-12, Campus 12-5 with English Club at 1, team bible study that night -
Prayer 9-11, lunch and Campus time 11-4, bible study with Italians that evening
Half day with the Lord 9-12, Campus time 12-5 with English Club at 1
Personal Development 9-12, Campus time 12-5, La Bella Vita (weekly meeting) 5-7
Team Meeting 9-11, Campus time 12-5
Campus time means I am meeting new students (Ciao, parli inglese? is usually how I start out), meeting with Italian friends I have made and trying to speak about the gospel or build into their lives in some way, or trying to figure out how we can work within the system here by speaking with administrators or professors. English Club is a discussion time for any student who wants to improve their English. We get to talk about cool stuff like Love, Trust, Easter, Politics and I get to meet cool guys like Fabio, Alessio, or Eduardo. Often we end up talking (suprise suprise) about Jesus. La Bella Vita is our weekly meeting, more spiritual in focus than English Club.
We sang the last night in a Piazza in Trastevere and not only was it a blast but Matt busted out some Opera and made 10 euro in tips... so much fun
Me with Giovanni's grandpa (WWII vet above) and Dad (below... Antonio, one cool guy)
Me, Giovanni, and his bro Salvatore... great guys
I went to the heel of the boot for Easter... this is me and Gigi, my italian buddy Giovanni's cousin
Sweet picture of me and David from the grass, an Italian buddy of mine
Tex, Dan, Sam + Me.... I love you guys
Me and Joe went to the beach on my day off, went swimming in cold water, and cut up our feet on the rocks on the bottom
Some of my favorite graffiti in all of Rome
"We Make History" - desire of young people in Rome
Yea, that dude behind me is striking a pose
Me and Jimmy S hanging out in Ostia Antica

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Kevin said...

I didn't know Joel Benedetti was in Rome with you?? (referring to your Daniel student I think...)Hhahahha. Hope all is well buddy.