Monday, October 15, 2007

Giving... and cheating

I promised my facebook group that I would have a blog post by the end of today, fully intending to fulfill that promise with a well-thought out blog about the Gospel and a copy of my October prayer letter. That will have to come later because it is 12:30, I haven't even started my Italian homework and still am not done with my prayer letter. Life goes fast, eh? But, as I try to be a man of my word, here is my post. If you want something funny, click on the link to Matt Mikalatos on your right... he is hilarious.

I am listening to a mix I made for my family and one of the songs on it always hits me hard. It is called "I'll Give" by Smalltown Poets. Now I feel like posting song lyrics are cheating for a blog post, but since it is late, I promised and this was on the first CD I ever owned, I call it far. Here are the lyrics that challenged me... check it out

"Yesterday I lived for me
and I was so alone as I could be
then I saw you and how you give yourself away

and I want to live for you today

I'll give and I'll hold nothing back

My love is a lot like me

wanting nothing less than everything

but I know your the only love thats true
and only giving makes me close to you

I'll give and I'll hold nothing back"

Thanks for checking this out, more on giving and the Gospel later. For now, I ask for your prayers this coming week. It will be an intense one as we go onto campus full time for the first time.


Rich & Joyce said...

Loving reading all your messages posted here - I was a little behind, but caught up this morning by reading that extra long you posted last week - had many chuckles and a one great laugh about the Dani prank and much food for thought! I miss you, but it was so much fun to get to hear your voice on the phone this past week - praying for you to continue to learn to listen to God and to take those big steps holding on to His hand!
Love, Mrs. A

Greg said...

brother rule, one of the best books I ever read about what it means to give sacrificially was Keith Green's story _No Compromise_. A buddy got it for me years ago, telling me, "this book will change your life." As I read it, I thought, "There's nothing dramatic happening here; this guy's just living hard core for Jesus." By the time I finished, I realized that living for Jesus is a very dramatic life choice--if we REALLY live for Jesus. Get the book--or get me an address and I'll get it to you...

Kevin said...

Smalltown Poets...o man, take me back to 8th grade when I sneakily signed up for the Christian music cd deal where you buy 4 and get like a billion free CD's. Smalltown poets was in that bunch along with Send the Beggar and some other fun unknown christian bands. My dad couldn't believe that they'd let someone only 13 years old sign up on the internet so he canceled my account before I could even buy anything. So I got 12 for free. It was sweet.

One thing I recommend to do while you're over there, is read some books that are written by people living in Rome. For example, reading Don Miller's books while actually living here in Portland is awesome. When he references all these different coffeeshops and restaurants and hills and people and styles and schools and anything and just brings a richness to the meaning of the writing. It's like reading the bible in Jerusalem or watching Gladiator there in Rome. Do it to it. It's glorious.

Drink some wine and kiss some pretty Italian girls! JC totally kissed some cute little jewish girls before he began his ministry...That's when the term "missionary dating" was originally coined.

peace in the middle east,