Sunday, July 1, 2007

Life is hectic, life is good

Hey to all (or no) faithful c-ruleinrome readers, life has been a little busy right now. No big stories to tell, except for weddings galore. I have been working as the director of Thompson Park Day Camp with my amazing staff and that has kept me tan and worn out. I work 8 hours a day and then come home to make phone calls, arrange meetings, send letters, write thank you's and go to meetings about support for Rome. God has been amazingly faithful so far (suprise, right?) and the money has been coming in but I still need a good chunk more. Support raising has been interrupted at times by weddings. I was in Arizona two weeks ago and had the privledge of watching Chip Spires and Steph Hummer start their life together (officially) and last week got to witness Jordan Acer and Jess Shera get married. Exciting times but that is way far on the horizon for me. Well, since I dont have too much to report or too many thoughts to write down, I wont bore you more. If you are praying for this Rome Adventure, pray for the support to come in and the student visa's to get approved.

Support Update: I am at 57% of the total that I need.

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